OMEGA 4/2017

1 listopada 2017

The end of the year is a time to reflect upon, sum up the past and make plans for the future. What was the passing year like? Where are we headed? What do we want to achieve? We hope that it was a good year for you and that the next one will be even better! We trust that OMEGA Idea Book, a magazine for the funeral industry will still be a friend and partner for you to develop every day. Feel invited to read the latest issue of the magazine!

In the TREND BOOK section, we write about products of unique and individual character, i.e. bold, designer products, often recognized in prestigious competitions or presented in museums for contemporary art. The funeral sector has a lot to do with art and industrial design.

Similarly, many people take cooking as art. This is the spirit through which we want to present the idea of modern consolations; consolations which do not have to be seen as sad feasts based on chicken soups and pork chops. They may as well have the form of a small snack-based or picnic-like feast, because the most important thing is to remember the deceased in the way that would be pleasing to them.

All business and marketing activities should be based upon some strategy. Do you think that such a study needs a large budget or that it is reserved only for large companies and does not apply to you? In that case, you are wrong. We encourage you to read the section on FUNERAL MARKETING, where we write how to come up with your own marketing strategy. The next step is to align all the actions in your company to that very strategy? Are you ready for it?

Katarzyna Supa
editor in chief of “OMEGA” magazine